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5 ‘beautiful ways’ to reuse an empty pill bottle!










As I was going through my medicine cabinets I noticed I had a lot of empty pill bottles that I just couldn’t bring myself to throw away (hoarder maybe?). So I started to think of some things I could use them for and I came up with 5 main things. Mostly using the bottle for travel purposes. This little, plastic container holds so many purposes.  Here are 5 beautiful was to reuse and empty pill bottle.

1. Moisturizer/Shampoo/Conditioner: When I’m going on vay-cay the last thing I wanna do is haul my big bottle of stuff I will only use a little of. Also, going to the store and buying the travel-size brands is just out of the question! So I just put a little in the bottle.  You may want to use a little Seran Wrap over the top before you put the lid on just to make sure no leakage happens during a plane ride. I also can get all the product out because I can stick my whole finger in there and scrape it all out so you don’t waste any.


2. Jewelry: What better way to keep track of your small jewelry pieces then to keep it in this little contraption!  I have stored earrings in one bottle, bracelets in a separate one, and if you’re worried about necklaces getting tangled, place one necklace in its own bottle.


3. Q-tips: They fit perfectly! Need I say more?


4. Vitamins: I try to pack as lightly as I can when going away, so that means not having to take my vitamin bottles. If you take multiple vitamins a day its easy to just place them all in one smaller bottle.
5. Bobby Pins: I have these in my purse everywhere I go!  Those darn bobby pins just get lots everywhere!  But isn’t putting them in a pill bottle just the perfect way to store them?
Who knew a pill bottle can have so many uses! If you have any more ideas on how to use a pill bottle, do share!  Don’t forget to save your empty pill bottles, reduce, reuse, recycle!




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