I’m so close, I can smell it!!

…and it smells pretty good!

This is not me, although I wish I looked that beautiful while smelling something!

I have never been so close to winning something completely awesome!  I’m talking about Vintage Revival’s Epic Room Makeover contest!  I am one of ten left if you didn’t know already!

I had a good friend encourage me to enter this contest.  When I first heard about the contest I thought, “Oh man, someone is going to be sooooo lucky!”, then I just went about the rest of my day.  A few weeks later I had lunch with my friend who encouraged me to enter.  

I don’t like to enter contests.  I don’t know why, it’s not because I’m afraid of failure.  I guess I just look at my odds as being slim to none, and figure, ‘why put forth the effort’!!  Entering contests is completely out of my comfort zone.  Well, I came home from lunch that day and went into my room and remembered how boring it was.  I remembered how boring it was, how clueless I am about remodeling, and how I don’t have that kind of money to spend!  So it hit me, “enter”.  

I immediately started taking pictures of my bare, boring room.  Uploading them, making movies, telling friends about the contest, etc.  Then, the contest started consuming me!  That’s all I could think about, “How cool would it be if I got to spend a week with Mandi Gubler, and get a freaking awesome room out of it!”

So then it became real.  I asked all of my loyal readers, family, and friends to vote.  I did all that I could and I knew that if I did all that I could and didn’t make the top ten, at least I’d have no regrets.  I got good news about a week ago, I am in the final 10!  I was ecstatic and couldn’t believe that I was so close to something so amazing!!

So here I am now.  Two days away from finding out if I win, or if I lose.  But here’s the thing, if I am not the winner of the Epic Room Makeover, I won’t think I’m a loser!  This has been such a great thing for me.  I’ve come out of my shell, made silly movies, asked people to vote, and put it all on the line which are all things I don’t normally do!  Plus, I’ve made some great friends along the way, some of which are my opponents!

I have had so much fun and I have to thank each and every one of you for helping me out with your votes and encouragement.  Thanks for putting up with me asking you to vote almost everyday on Facebook!  I have gained such a better confidence through all of this and I think that if I don’t win, I can still find the strength and courage to makeover my room by myself (even though it will be scary!).  If I am not the lucky winner, I will be super happy (and jealous) for the winner!  Can’t wait to see what Mandi does!!

Anyways, the voting ends on Monday at midnight.  I would love you all to try to vote today and tomorrow!  Afterall, you will get to see first hand how it all goes down the week Mandi is here.  I will post everything we do, even if we are just eating chocolate, which will probably be in between each stroke of the brush!  🙂  

Mandi, thanks for this awesome opportunity!  🙂

Go HERE to vote.  Vote for #4


  1. That would be so exciting if you won! I have been voting for you! 🙂 Good Luck!

  2. Ditto! Good luck Kami!

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