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September 6, 2012

I NEED YOU MANDI {my submission video}

Okay, on a scale from 1-cheesy, this video is off the charts mega cheesy! 
**VOTING is from Sept. 7-Sept. 14th**

I need Mandi Gubler's magical touch in my home (from Vintage Revivals - as if you don't already know and love her!).  I have adored her style for such a long time.  She, along with her friend Hailee, are doing an Epic Room Makeover, and I entered the contest!  I really, really, really wanna win because my Master bedroom is very, very BORING! 

I may be a DIY'er, but I really only do small DIY projects.  Big things like redoing a whole bedroom is sooooo scary to me.  I have proof that big projects aren't my thing.  You should see my kitchen table I tried to repurpose.  Epic Fail!  That's why I need Mandi's help.

She has wonderful sponsors to make this Epic Room Makeover HUGE!!  Her sponsors are 3M, Home Goods, Lowes, Krylon, and Royal Design Studios.  Whoohooo!  I can't wait to see all the awesome things that these great brands can do for my Master Bedroom.  Lets talk about it, shall we?

First off, lets get that big Ikea mirror hung!  And we could maybe discuss painting my bed and getting rid of that plain gray comforter?
 I'm thinking of possibly warming up my room by possible window treatment?
 My hubby and I bought that chair for $40 at a yard sale.  I think it could use Mandi's magic!  And that rug is the softest rug in the entire world!  We got it from Costco.  I don't want to get rid of that,  maybe just put it in another room?  I really want a bright, fun rug in our bedroom.
 I need one of Mandi's cute lamp makeovers!
 Our walls are sooooooo boring!  I need to add some color into my life!
I love our tray ceilings.  Unfortunately, we only two toned our paint so our ceiling is the same color as all four of our walls.  If you can imagine, this makes for a pretty dull, dark room.  This is the only light fixture in our room and it drives me crazy because it's too dark!
You might be thinking, "Why would I wanna go to Ogden, Utah when I could go somewhere awesome like California or New York?".  Mandi and Hailee, you will be welcomed into my home!   I have two darling daughters, a hot hubby (that's not an offer!), and I love to bake and cook so you would be 'treated' really nicely while being here!  Plus, it is gorgeous up here in the Fall with the colorful leaves.  We would have so much fun,
I just know it!
Ogden, Utah is the place for you!



Jena Hendry said...

Loved your video Kam!

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

KAMI. I adore you and your cute singing voice! Thanks so much for entering and good luck!!

Love your guts

Nancy said...

Great job! If Mandi cannnot come, I'll help you from home. You can do a lot with can of paint and a drill.

The Dicksons said...

I think your room looks great! Mine is VERY sad compared to this masterpiece! We don't even have a comforter. :(

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