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April 11, 2012

Paint Stick Projects

 Ever look at something and think, "Hmmm...I wonder what I could turn that into"?
That's what I did with FREE paint sticks!

Here are the projects I came up with:

Framed Faux Bead Board

Ombre Frame

Sunburst Mirror
Make one for under $10, or buy one at a popular home store for hundreds??

 Wooden Vase

Breakfast Tray
Make your husband bring you breakfast in bed!

Refrigerator Magnets

Photo Puzzle
Put magnets on the back to keep the kiddos busy while you're making dinner!


 Give any furniture a face-lift by adding paint sticks!


Nic and Shannon Rich said...

These are AWESOME!! I love them all. You are so creative!!

*katie said...

So fun! I love the tray...and the frame...and the fridge magnets...pretty much all of them!

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

SO FUN!! I love all of them! Thanks for the heads up, I cant wait to check out your site more!

Love your guts

Pam said...

Loved your segment on Studio 5 and all of your projects. You gave me some great ideas and I can't wait to get started! Thanks.

Jennifer said...

Those are some pretty fabulous ideas! I am having a hard time deciding which one to try myself. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

Bart, Paige and Grace said...

KAMI! These are brilliant!

Honeybee said...

Loved this segment Kami, you did great. I have to make me one of those frames- love it!

Amber Sargent said...

This is such a fun idea! I loved your studio 5 segment. I absolutely love all the fun things you can create for practically free!

Amber Sargent said...

These are such great ideas. I loved your segment. Thanks for sharing.
Amber @

Laura Lynn said...

Love all your projects! Here's one that I did last year and I am in the process of making a new one.


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