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April 3, 2012

{a few} of my favorite things!

During Christmas, a few of my girl cousins and I had a "favorite things party".  I forgot to mention this to you all, but it was super-fun.  Everyone brought 3 of their favorite item(s), and exchanged them for three of other people's items.  It was so much fun to see what everyone's favorite things were, and get to try them out for ourselves!  

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things with you today.  Here they are:

Caldrea Countertop Cleanser:
While living with my in-laws, I always got a wonderful whiff of something in the kitchen after dinner.  It was my MIL wiping down the granite counter tops with this:
Not only does this spray smell awesome, it works on granite like a charm.  It doesn't leave streaks, and leaves your countertops (granite or not) feeling smooth and looking shiny.  There are tons of scents to choose from, check them out HERE.  I've tried the Blue Basil Sage and Madarin Vetiver and they both smell great!  They also have other great products such as: dish soap, stainless steele spray, even fabric softener!  

Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara:
Love, Love, Love this!  I saw a beauty contributor on Studio 5 mention that this was her new favorite mascara a month or so ago.  Literally for the next few weeks the Revlon shelves were constantly out of stock with this mascara!!  Finally, when I was able to snag some and try it, I LOVED IT!  It lengthens my eyelashes so much without turning them into 'spiderlegs'!!  It doesn't clump and lasts all day!  I am going to try their new Photoready airbrush mousse foundation next!

I've kind of been on the hunt for the perfect hairspray.  Thanks to my little sis for introducing this to me because I have found it!!  I've been using Kenra, which I also love, but since using this, I have found that this works so much better for me!  It's not too stiff and isn't at all sticky.  It holds great but also lets you play around with your hair a bit.  Plus, it smells absolutely DIVINE!!!  Seriously, you have to smell this.  And...the bottle is so cute!  You get a lot for your money, it's a big bottle and costs around $10 retail, depending on where you go.  Try it and see more HERE.

Rio Rumberry Bath & Body:
If you love exotic smells, you must try this.  This scent is found at Bath & Body works and I absolutely love it for spring.  My favorite is to use the sugar scrub after shaving in the tub....mmmmm.  I promise, you'll love it! 

Okay, so I'm stealing this favorite thing from my mom, who bought me one of these a long time ago.  They seriously are awesome.  I constantly am using my scrub brush in my kitchen whether it be on my dirty dishes, or to clean my sink.  These brushes are 99 cents at Ikea and come in different colors.  Next time you're there, try one.  The reason I love them so much is because they never get 'gross' like other dish brushes do.  For some reason, the bristles wash out so nicely and last soooo long.  They are also great because the suction to the bottom of your sink.
These are my favorite treats as of...Friday!  I was in Costco and they were sampling them.  Of course just like every other sample I try at Costco, I was sucked in!!  Holy cow, these things are addicting!!  They come in lots of different flavors, but I got the pineapple bag.  This flavor tastes just like a pineapple Dole Whip you can find at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii, or by the Tiki Room in Disneyland.  Awesome!  I think I will try the Black Cherry flavor next.  Oh yeah, they're 97% fat free!  LOL.

I use two balms on my lips right now:

Baby Lips from Maybelline.:
Love this stuff because you can use colorless or colored.  They taste yummy too, and of course, they make your lips feel like baby lips.  Plus, there's SPF in it, and the tube is so cute!

Last but not least, JiggyStick Lip Balm:
I have been using this night and day for the last month or so and love these.  This is a new product made here, in Utah.  It is an all-natural lip balm made from beeswax and other natural ingredients.  There are a variety of flavors, but my favorite has to be Lemongrass.  I love how soft it makes my lips feel and it doesn't dry them out like other lip balms.  This product is slowly showing up in stores, but your best bet is to buy them online HERE.  And make sure you read the story about how the maker started his business, very touching.

Hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite things!  Let me know if you try any of them!

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