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March 7, 2012

Olivia's 1st Birthday {Pink}

It was just going to be a simple party.  But then I started baking...
 I'm pretty much in my new kitchen 70% of my days!  I love it.  It's my sanctuary {pictures to come later}.
So needless to say, I was in the kitchen all day of her party and came up with some yummy treats!
Sugar cookies, meltaway bites, pretzel and hug bites (my new favorite treat), pink frosting drizzled donut holes, frosting dipped marshmallows, and cupcakes!  Oh yeah, and I had tons of left-over pink frosting so I pulled out a box of 'nilla wafers and put frosting on them too!  LOL!  They were yummy too!
I also made a yummy punch we use in our family a lot.  I will include the recipe later.  It's easy.
 Found this marshmallow idea on Pinterest:
 And these.  THESE CUPCAKES!  The best cupcakes EVER!  I will include the recipe at a later time.  They are filled with mini chocolate chips!  I also love baking them without the cupcake wrapper.  So. much. easier!  The frosting is a butter cream recipe.  I will include that later also.
 Olivia's cake was yummy.  And healthy!  Yes.  Her cake was made from left-over whole wheat pancakes from breakfast that morning!  I just stacked them up and put frosting over.  Super-easy!  "piece of cake!"
 This is Olivia and her cousin, Jett.  They are twins from another mother!  They were only born 6 hours apart!  Thanks to family who helped celebrate her birthday.  Did you know that both my hubby and my family all live within a two mile radius from us?  All 4 of his siblings, all three of mine, and both our parents!  Funny huh?
The birthday girl and me
Here was her invite:


Shay said...

She's so cute! I can't believe she is 1. Time goes by so fast!

Jena Hendry said...

Mmm...everything was delish! Love Livi Love!

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