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February 28, 2012

Some fun finds...

I made a little trip to SLC last night to the Apple Store with my sis.  I wandered around for a bit while she was getting the heart-breaking news that her Mac had officially... died.  {tear}  That is a good reminder for me to start backing everything up on mine.  Her's was only a year older than mine, which makes mine about 6 years old...I'm really scared now!

Anyhow, while I was wandering around, I found some fun finds.  I didn't feel like trying any clothes on, so I was looking at other stuff:

I found some fun little bows for the girls at Forever 21.  They were cheap and I love how different they are.  If you're going to be participating in the Bow Exchange, that's a great place to shop!

I love walking through Urban Outfitters, they have such random little trinkets there!  I found some fun fridge accessories that I was pretty stoked about:
 Another fun find: old pics of my hubby and me!  I was unpacking a few more boxes and found some fun pictures.  How about that one of us in Jr. High where I'm about 6 inches taller than him!!
I've got a few more things to blog about within the next few days so stay tuned!

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