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January 3, 2012

Swearing by something that works...

FYI, to get started this is the link you'll want to click on:

**But read below first**

I've had this picture pinned on Pinterest for a while now...
Okay, it's a new year.  We all have New Year's Resolutions and for almost EVERYONE who is reading this, your goal is to lose weight or improve your health, right?  For me, that's definitely a goal!  I had a baby nearly 11 months ago and still have those last 5 stinkin' pounds to lose and keep off!  I am a regular exerciser, but I LOVE food!  That's my problem!

I am here to tell you about something to help you all with your weight loss goals.  I am no expert, I am just telling you about something that worked for me in losing my baby weight last year.  Take it and try it or don't, but I hope you will because it's changed the way I think about losing weight.
This is not a gimick.

I first heard about KristiApproved (Living the Life) a year or so ago from a fellow blogger, Easy Peasy Grandma.  She is just darling and inspired me.  Check out her before & after pictures HERE and be inspired too.  She started this new way of life and in 12 weeks lost 27 pounds, 6 inches off her waist, and 6 inches off her hips!  If that's not motivation, I don't know what is!

Last June of 2011 I took the free 7 day challenge that KristiApproved has to offer and gave it my all!  I did it along side my sister and mother, both saw great results as well.
I don't consider it to be a 'diet', but a new, healthy way of eating. I began this 'new way of life' and started simply changing my eating habits, and continuing exercise.  In the first week I lost 7 pounds!  I'm talking 7 pounds of fat, not just water weight.  Easiest weight I ever lost.  The 7 pounds were gone for good.  I kept it going and I lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks, and 5 total inches! I felt great too, lots of energy, felt more tight and toned rather than flabby...eating the increased protein alone made me feel tighter and leaner.  The 13 pounds never came back.

Kristi Approved offers you a 7 day challenge for free. No strings attached. You download the instructions, menu, and recipes, and then follow them strictly for 7 days. I just repeated the 7 day challenge week after week because I never got sick of the food, and I didn't want to pay. That's another thing, the recipes are soooo yummy, and you make them yourself, no freezer meals!  This menu offers high protein, low carb, and low fat meals. You eat every 2 hours, so you never get hungry.
This keeps your metabolism going. If you see great success in the first 7 days, you can go on to buy the 12 week book if you would like.

Examples of meals from the diet are:
Southwestern breakfast wrap
Tropical smoothie
Chicken rice bowl
Chicken pizza
Strawberry ice cream (no, I'm not kidding)
and more..

I don't have any before and after pictures or anything like that, but you can look at the Kristi Approved Blog HERE or simply go to the Kristi Approved 7 day challenge page HERE to get started and watch the testimonials and stuff.

Just thought I'd share with all of you that this really works, and I'm so glad I know that it's a safe way to lose weight.  LIVE THE LIFE!

***Leave me a comment if you are interested in taking this challenge.  Note:  If you are going to do this you must do it 100%, no cheating or your results won't be as great.
I am anxious to know how many people are ready to do it!  I love seeing everyone's progress!


Chase & Tiffany said...

Kami! This sounds amazing! I am totally going to try this. This sounds like a weight loss program that was made for me. :-) Thank you so much for sharing your secrets.

A Little R and R said...

This sounds great! I would like to learn more, but every time I click on the link for the video it says my access is denied. How do you get to the 7 day free trial? Thanks! :)

Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

The video doesn't work for me either. But to access and download the free 7 days click the link I gave you at the top of this post.

Harris Family said...

Kami.. I read you blog and decided to take the challenge. I would LOVE to lose 7lbs in a week. So I went out last night and bought the stuff and started it today. I made my husband do it with me. So far I really like the food. So wish me luck and I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for sharing..

Quick question.. did you ever switch up the food order or do it exactly the same schedule? Secondly, did you do exact workouts that they have planned out?

Thanks again!!!

Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

To answer your question, I only switched up the first two meals every now and then depending on what my morning was like! But I was really strict on making sure I ate withing the first hour of waking up... Everything else I followed to a T!

I did the workouts the best I could but there were days I just ran and did sit-ups or something. The workouts they give you are super-awesome though, I loved all the places of my body that it made sore!

Alison said...

Hello! I'm trying to find the 7 day challenge but the link doesn't seem to work. Would it be possible to just get the list of meals? I have a lot of their recipes and I'm just trying to figure out what's included in their 7 day challenge.

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