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October 27, 2011

Cake Bites/Truffles Countdown to Christmas!

We are officially about 9 weeks away from Christmas!  One of my favorite neighbor/friend gifts to give for Christmas are Cake Bites or Truffles.  If you wrap them up all cute and stuff, they are seriously the best give to receive as well!

Since I love cake bites, and used to make them a lot, I thought it would be fun to start making them again.  There are soooo many different flavors and combos that you can do, so I'm going to make a different one each week until Christmas!  I will try different recipes from different places, as well as make up a few of my own.  Then, I will rate them so that you all know if they are worth making yourselves!  Sound good?

Stay tuned for the first batch of truffles...Peanut Butter Cup!  They are in the process of being made as we speak!  I will let you know all about them soon!

Chao!  Chow!  ...I know I will be!

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