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October 30, 2010


Here are some more DIY fingerless glove ideas.
On Tuesday, the 26th I was able to go demo some of these on Studio 5.
I can't get the video because somehow they couldn't get my segment online, which, I have no problem with because I found out that being pregnant plus the 10 lbs. the camera adds don't come out very nicely! So thank you KSL, for not being able to post the video.
So since I didn't take step-by-step pictures of these, I must explain them.
But they are soooo easy!!
All's you need is:
basic pair of gloves (the $store's work out nice)
1/2 yd. any trimming (stretchy works best)
sewing machine or liquid stitch
any other embellishments you want

Go ahead and cut off the fingers of your gloves. You can cut them however short or long that you want.

On this particular pair of gloves I sewed the black lace along the wrist line. The lace is stretchy and therefore still allows it to be stretchy. You can put the trim wherever you want. Up by the fingers is extremely cute!

LIQUID STITCH. Liquid stitch works nicely on these, however, if you know how to sew I would recommend that over glueing. If you do use the liquid stitch, put something in between the glove (i.e. card board or paper) so it doesn't stick together. Also, make sure you put books or something on top until dry.

Pretty much that is all. You can make these gloves however YOU want! Add as much or as little, use whatever colors you want, the possibilities are endless. I have more of these that I made, maybe I will bring up some more pictures soon!
Have fun, if you have any questions, let me know!

October 25, 2010

Trendy Fingerless Gloves Tutorial:

FYI: I was 5 months prego during this taping!
I've been seeing them everywhere: Trendy, Fingerless Gloves.
Here is a pair you can make from a pair of socks.

I found these socks at Target for $2.
I tried them on and measured how high I wanted them above my wrist, then cut:
I then sewed the raw edge by folding the edges inward, then sewing a light zig-zag stitch.
Then I cut about an inch to an inch 1/4 hole where my thumb was going to be
After that, you're then going to want to stitch the thumbhole with a heavy (meaning very close) zig-zag stitch. This not only makes the edge ruffly and cute, but also prevents fraying.
After doing that to the thumb hole, I thought it was so cute, I decided to do it to the other edge (the fingers hole).
Then I added a few snowflake buttons on the wrist to add a little bling and wahlaahh!
The fun thing about fingerless gloves is you can dress them up or down. If it's colder outside, simply add a regular pair of gloves underneath. You can add any color to match your outfit!

Here are just a few pictures of celebrities wearing fingerless gloves. Hmm...are the 80's trend making a come-back?
Celebrity images courtesy of and

October 12, 2010

Vintage Birdcage Veil - Tutorial Link

This update is far overdue. If you remember, back in August I made a vintage birdcage veil for a beautiful bride. It turned out great and I have wanted to post pictures and the tutorial, however, I am a little embarrassed because the only pictures I have is of it on me. (I hate posting pictures of myself)
I will get pictures from the bride soon so you can get the full effect.
{ It looks a lot better on her! }
Finding Russian Netting was a little harder than I thought. That was the hardest part - the rest was easy! I went on etsy and went to GSboutique. I ordered my russian netting right away because she had awesome prices and soooo many colors to choose from.
I got the feathers from JoAnn's. They are ostrich, I think??!!
And I pretty much just made up my own tutorial. However, THIS is a good one to follow. Its at Megan Turnidge Designs.
Check it out!
Sorry about the pic.
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