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June 30, 2010

Check out this fun monogrammed idea for a wall hanging!
Anne, from Calamity Anne's Adventures has the tutorial.

June 29, 2010

Shaggy Mosaic Jeans & GIVEAWAY!!

My Latest Sewing Adventure!!
Megan, from BRASSY APPLE asked if I would review her
Shaggy Mosaic Jeans Pattern.
If you have not been over to the Brassy Apple blog, it's a must!
Megan is super-talented.
I must say, this transformation was super-easy. (remember, I still consider myself a beginner!) Her pattern was very clear and there are so many possibilities. I have so many denim skirts that don't get worn anymore (and are still in my closet!). I think I have had this one since maybe my junior year of high school!! And I added eyelit to the bottom 'cause it was a little too short.

Here are some other possibilities that Megan has come up with:

Can you just die at how cute you can make your jeans??

Okay so here's the coolest part...YOU COULD WIN A PATTERN to make these!
Megan is giving away TWO of her patterns!

(leave a comment for each that you do, and make sure to leave an e-mail address)

1. Go to the Brassy Apple Shop and come back and comment what your favorite item is
2. Become a follower of Brassy Apple Blog
3. Become a follower of Sweet Charli
4. Follow Sweet Charli on facebook

Giveaway closes Friday night at 11:59pm GMT
The winner will be announced Saturday Morning, the 3rd

Thanks again, Megan, for introducing me to this awesome transformation!!

June 28, 2010



Today I am unveiling my newest contest for you all to participate in...

"Show Off Your Child's Room!"
Here is a chance for all of you to show off just how cute your child's room is!
Here's how it works:
  • Send in FOUR pictures {no more, no less} of your child's room. One of those pictures needs to be your favorite part of the room, make sure you specify what it is. Please do not include your pictures in a collage. E-mail them to:
and remember: the better quality your pictures are, the better your room will look.
and please include the details in your pictures that make your room unique.
  • In the subject box please write "contest room"
  • In the e-mail itself, please write the theme of the bedroom, and the name, age, and gender of your child
  • Please, just one entry per person
My last contest had twenty entries, which was more than I expected. So this time, there will be a panel of judges (including the contest's sponsors) to narrow it down to 5 finalists. Then, Sweet Charli readers will vote for their favorite bedroom.

Thanks to these wonderful sponsors:

The winner will receive the following (over $100 value)

1. Their choice of an infant boy or girl blanket from
Minky Couture
2. This darling camera strap from
Sugar Pop Creations
3. This trendy tie (you choose what size) from
Trendy Tikes
4. A darling hat/earwarmers (you choose the size) from
Cute Baby Boutique

Sound like fun?? Can't wait to see all your cute rooms!
The deadline to send in your pictures is Sunday, JULY 11th @ 11:59pm GMT Voting for the public will begin on Thursday, JULY 15th and will end on Friday, JULY 23rd. Winner will be announced on JULY 24th!

Good Luck!

June 27, 2010

June 26, 2010

So Very Festive!

Did you know that the Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays??
Check out this fun and darling flag project made by Kalleen over at Second Street.

June 24, 2010

Out for the count...

I'm going to go out on a limb and just forewarn you all I think I'm going to be MIA this weekend. Today was one of those days that I would much rather be in labor again than feel what I am feeling right now...body aches, chills, stomach pain...

So no Linky Party this weekend...I apologize. I hope you all have a better weekend than what I'm about to have!!

And don't forget about the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on Monday!!


A fun tutu message board...

Look at this darling tutu chalkboard that Carrie from Green Bean's Crafterole came up with. She gave it to her niece before her dance recital!!
Check out the tutorial HERE!

June 23, 2010

Big Announcement!!

I have something NEW and FUN coming your way on Monday! And thanks so some wonderful, talented people/sponsors, it wouldn't be possible! Be sure to check back here Monday, June 28th for the ANNOUNCEMENT!!


Now, Calling all Crafters...

If you have a craft blog, and want to be featured here for free - LISTEN UP!
Due to the busy-ness and crazy-ness of summer, I haven't been able to post many of my own tutorials, so I am giving you the chance!

Here's what to do:
E-mail me the link to your tutorial, and ONE picture of the final product. I will then e-mail you back with the date in which I will feature you! Please only send me ONE tutorial and make it one of your original projects. Sound good?
Can't wait to see what you all have in store!

Oh's the e-mail address:
Please put "tutorial submission" in the subject box

June 21, 2010

Look At These!!

Thanks for all who linked up last week! Here are some of the projects:

Darling denim bubble skirt @
Sew Ambitious

Cute no-sew purse @
Craft Envy

Every doll needs a cute diaper! @
A Girl and a Glue Gun

Look at these spool picture holders @
Crafts & Sutch

Don't you LOVE this darling hat? @
Easy Peasy Grandma

And what about this's made of paper! @
Child Made

Every barbie needs an apron! @
Brassy Apple

Look at this cute tie banner @
Baby Got Craft

Congrats, you've been featured...
Here is my button:

June 17, 2010

Revamp Your Jeans & Linky Party

I haven't been diggin' the denim shorts I sport lately...
I am thinking of doing some transforming!
Check these ideas out-

Add lace to the bottom of cut-off jeans!!
This idea found at Creative Urges
Add stitching around the seams of your cut-offs!
I found this at Get Craftin
Add eyelit trim!! Love these too!
These are over at Sew Ambitious
Check out all those tutorials!!

And now it's time to LINK UP!
Here is my button...
Now get linkin'!

June 16, 2010

Guest posting...

Today I am sharing my tutorial over at Tatertots & Jello, one of my favorite blogs. Jen, the author, is so talented and so sweet!
Go check it out!

...Speaking of Jamba Juice...

Thanks to Heather at Savvy Sister Shops, I am telling you about $1 Jamba Juice's TODAY.

These are not your ordinary smoothies, either! These are the Super Fruit Smoothies and you can choose between Super Yumberry, Berry Yumberry, Acai Super-Antioxidant, Pomegranate Pick-Me-Up or Pomegranate Paradise! Delicious!

Call ahead to make sure your Jamba is participating!

June 15, 2010

For Father's Day...

I recently had a few e-mails from bloggers who have some Father's Day Ideas. I thought I would share their blogs with you all...

First of all, we have Matt who isn't your typical blogger...well, he's a guy! I was so glad to take a gander at his blog! He is sort of obsessed with neckties!! (and since blogger is not letting me upload any of his pictures, I apologize!) Check it out his blog Tiepedia HERE, and check out his cool Tie Father's Day Cakes post HERE.

Next we have Ellie. She told me how excited she was when she saw my terra cotta coasters tutorial.
She said, "I'm going to make these for my Father-in-Law for father's day. (Only Beatles style) Cause he's obsessed with both The Beatles and coasters. (no, I'm not kidding. It's the sad truth.)"
I have to tell you, they turned out SOOOO CUTE! You must check out her blog,
Less Cake {More Frosting}.

And check out her darling coasters HERE.

Have a great day!

June 13, 2010

Beach Towel All-In-One Bag!!

This beach towel all-in-one bag is great for your pool trips this summer.  It is a towel that turns into a bag, and into a towel again! No more bringing home your wet swimming suit and towel in your bag and getting everything wet! Just roll up your wet stuff in this bag and you're good to go!  I made this a few summers ago along with (this darling ruffled hand bag) and still use it every time we go swimming.  Here's the tutorial for my beach towel all-in-one bag:

What you need:

used or new beach towel
coordinating hand towel
washable ribbon
sewing machine

1. First of all, lay your beach towel down with the right side on the floor. Fold the two ends in about 6 inches (your preference) then fold in half

2. Cut two strips of your ribbon about 30 inches long, then measure in on your folded towel (on the right side) and place your handles, then pin

3. Now unpin your folded ends so the towel now lies flat. Sew the handles on. Do this to both ends of the towel.

Now for the front pocket:
4. Cut your hand towel in half. Place it on the front side of your folded bag upside down with the wrong side up and pin to the bag as shown here:

5. Sew what will be the bottom of the pocket, then fold up and pin both sides as shown here:

6. Sew up both sides of the pocket.

And you're done! You're really done! Here's what your towel bag will look like when you lie it out upside down.

And here's what it will look like when you lay on it at the pool:

To fold up your bag, just fold in both edges of the towel as shown in step 1, fold in half, and grab the handles, and go!
Enjoy your all-in-one beach towel tote!

This project and other totes featured on Studio 5, HERE

Pillowcase Tote Bag Tutorial...

Time to go through your bedding closet & find some orphaned pillowcase(s).
Once again, here is an inspired project from Martha.
This is just a casual, very easy & super-cheap tote bag. Great to take to the pool, park, or any other place you go when you need to hurry and stuff things into your bag!
What you need:

Sewing machine
Yep...that's all!

Take your pillowcase and cut it like this:
Cut the top hem completely off, barely the bottom edge off, and cut diagonally from corner to corner.
On all four of the diagonal edges cut, fold over 1/4 inch twice, then sew
Next, place one of the cut triangles inside of the other one, then pin then edge onto the other triangle, pin and sew.
Do that to both sides, then turn inside out and sew the bottom hem
Now take the top part of the pillowcase that you cut off earlier...
And place the tip of the to be handles inside of the strip.
Sew them on, then tie a knot over the seam.
Then hem the edge of the blue strips.
And tie a knot to make a shoulder strap.
You can then embellish if you wish to do so. I still want to add flowers to mine (of course)!!
Have fun with it! :)

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