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March 31, 2010

Just a few things

Scraps of Simplicity Market
is coming up, and as always, it's a big one! There are always sooo many creative vendors there, and I can't wait to see all the fun home decor, antiqued items, unique accessories, and of course...can't wait to have me some Whimsy Cupcakes, yum!
Anyways, we have been working on a few things to sell at the boutique, unfortunately, we haven't photographed them all, but here is a

We will have bib necklaces, fabric corsage necklaces, flower wristlets, flower rings, headbands, fabric fashion clips/pins, bubble skirts and Andee Lew for the little ones, as well as accessories for the babes and possibly more... Hope to see all of you there that live in the area!
There is definitely more where these came from!
And these might be landing in our ETSY store soon...

March 30, 2010

The Invite

Party Stuff

The countdown is on!
This is just one of many birthday pictures Charli had taken yesterday. They were taken by JENA in preparation for her big day! Charli's first birthday party is in a week! I am definitely the most excited for this! She is having a 'vintage ice cream' themed birthday party. Here are a few things I've been working on:
but I still have lots to do!

These little do-da's are for the sundae toppings
(made by cutting a hole in a cupcake wrapper)
And the birthday hat...this is still in the works
Can't wait to see how it all comes together!
What do YOU think?


March 29, 2010

Fun April Fool's Ideas...

Whimsy Cupcakes just posted some super-cute and super-fun cupcake ideas for April Fools! Check them out, they look so real!!


More Refashioned Items

Cleaned out my Closet
{ and found more to revamp: }

This started out as a plain, short-sleeved tee. (Sorry, I forgot to take before pics)
Added a little white trim, some appliqued flowers, a little ruffle...and wahlaah!
You can get the tutorial, and make your own halter HERE at Craftaholics Anonymous.

I always liked this short-sleeved hoodie, but the color was always to dingy for me. I needed to brighten it up a little.
So I added the white trim, and swirly rosettes.
Close-up of flowers

***Dont' forget to check out the post beneath this one for details on the Birthday Parties Contest***

And I am linking up here


The Girl Creative

The Trendy Treehouse
Keeping It Simple


March 28, 2010

Birthday Parties are for Everyone {contest}

Okay, so in honor of Charli's First Birthday, I thought it'd be fun to have a little contest!Calling all you crafty, creative, birthday-loving mom's out there:
If you all are anything like muah, you get more excited for your children's birthday parties than they do. So here's the deal, I wanna see YOUR favorite birthday party you've ever thrown for one of your kids. It could be their 1st birthday, 5th, sweet 16...any birthday! I find it quite fun to see how many fun themed parties there are, and what fun things ya'll do for it.

* E-mail 2-5 pictures of the party you've thrown OR include all your pictures in one square collage (your choice).
* Include in the subject "themed party"
* Tell me what age your child was turning, what the theme was, and any other fun details you want to include. (I'm most excited to see all those fun cakes!)

I want details! Hopefully you all have taken great photo's of your wonderful parties! I will post the themed party pictures, and everyone will vote on their favorite.
The deadline will be Friday, April 16th.

The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate from PIONEER PARTY AND GIFT, your hot spot for party supplies. Check them out and see all the fun things you can get for your next party!!

So here's our e-mail

Now get sending them in!!


March 26, 2010

Linky Loves for the Weekend!!

Link up with Sweet Charli...we wanna see your stuff! Don't be scared because there were only 7 people who linked up last week - this is only our 3rd week doing it! Spread the word by grabbing our button! We will feature some of your projects next week!

now selling Andee Lew Shirts...

For all you mom's out there who have a hard time finding fashionable and affordable basic tee-shirts and bodysuits for your little girls, YOUR PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED! Thank you to Andee Lew Clothing. These shirts (capsleeve, long-sleeve, and camisoles) are great for layers or just wearing alone. They are simple and adorable.

Sweet Charli is now a seller of Andee Lew Clothing. We just got our first shipment in today and shirts are going fast.
Sizes range from 0 to 5 t. They are high quality and come in a variety of colors (blue, bright pink, light pink, brown, white, & black). For more information on available sizes please email Jena Hendry (

March 25, 2010

Fun Spring Paper 'Lollies'

For all you who missed Studio 5 today, or don't live in Utah, check out this fun spring project.
I thought they would have a video tutorial, but just click on HERE for the tutorial. They are so fun!

Spring Clean...

It's that time again for me to Spring Clean my closet!! Every year I go through all my clothes, shoes, and accessories, (which have either been hardly warn, or in still good shape), and have a little used clothing sale. I always have a decent turn out, and have regulars that ask me about this every year! So, if you all are interested, let e-mail me and I will let you know when I am planning on having my
little sale! I will also have a few "sweet charli' NEW SPRING accessories there for purchase too! It will be fun so let me know if you are in!

If any of you out there plan on going through your closet soon, I suggest you try having a clothing swap or clothing sale with your friends! It's a fun way to get together and see what things you can trade, and add to your new spring wardrobe! If you all are like me, you get sick of the clothes you have REAL fast, especially from season to season. You will be surprised that a lot of the clothese you are sick of, someone else LOVES! So have a little 'yard closet sale'. Send out flyers to your friends, announce it on your blog. Price everything fairly cheap, you will be surprised how fast selling all your clothes for under $10 adds up. This will help you buy the clothes you want for your new spring wardrobe. It's fun too, to see all your friends and see what things they like of yours! I suggest you try it! Oh, and let me tell you - it is a lot better than taking your clothes to Plato's Closet, or any other consignment place!

March 23, 2010

March 22, 2010

A Birthday Giveaway!!

Not for MY CHARLI (atleast not yet), but for another little one year old girl named Charlie!! Blue Cricket Design is having a giveaway to celebrate her daughter's first birthday!!

Check it out HERE

March 20, 2010

Springy Garland with Tissue Paper

Okay, remember I told you all to keep your left over tissue paper from this project? Well here's why:

Tissue Paper

1. Make your tissue flowers (tutorial HERE) I made my flowers fairly small. I think the smaller, the cuter. They were about 1 1/2 - 2 inches in diameter.
2. Thread your flowers and beads on a long piece of thread...'re done! This Springy garland looks fabulous anywhere!! Above a window, hanging from your mantel, a door way, or kitchen lights! The possibilities are endless!!


March 19, 2010

Mommy Arms? Tutorial & Linky Loves Friday

I found these cute knee socks that Target has right now for Easter. Thought they were pretty cute. They have quite the variety. $5 ea.I just cut off to the ankle. (now I have a really cool pair of running socks)
Hemmed the bottom...
And wahlaah! My very own pair of my made-up creation:
Mommy Arms!

(I actually used them on Charli as baby legs too and they were darling!)
And you don't have to be a mommy to wear these btw!
I'm linking up here:

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March 18, 2010

a few things for the party - and reminder for linky loves

Today I got a few things for Charli's upcoming birthday party. Most from the dollar store. I can't wait to see if the vision I have for some of these things actually work out!!
And just a reminder, tomorrow is our Linky Loves Weekend Gathering, so all you talented bloggers out there, come back tomorrow and link us all to your blog!! See ya all then!

On the Green...

Here is the birthday cake I made for my hubby. I am no profesh, but I think it turned out pretty good! He loves golf, and is very good at it - I must say! I got the kit with the golf cart and trees at my local grocery bakery. I guess I could have bought the whole cake there, but then I wouldn't have had any fun making it! The sand-trap is crushed up vanilla wafers, the water is blue frosting gel.

info for fluffy flower balls.

I am so sorry, I meant to tell you this on the Fluffy Flower Balls Tutorial. Some people have asked where I got my flowers - and there is only ONE place...
Fake flowers can be so expensive. I would recommend waiting to choose what flowers you want to use when you go to the dollar store and look around. There is no sense in going to a craft store and spending close to $3 a bush when you could be spending one dollar. And most the time I have noticed the the bushes at the dollar store have more flowers on them. Yeah, they might not look as real and quality as the ones you will buy at the craft store, but honestly, once you put them on the styrofoam you won't even be able to tell! And remember, the bigger the flower, the less you will spend!!
Just got to shout out to my hubby. Today he is 25! That seems old to me since he was only 10 when I fell in love with him!
I am going to try to make him a golf cake today...I will let ya'll know how it goes!

March 17, 2010

An ice cream sundae, isn't a sundae without...

I am in the process of planning Charli's First Birthday Party!! It is two weeks away, and I need all your help with something. Because it is a 'vintage ice cream party'
(i can't wait)
I need help with everyone's favorite sundae toppings. Please leave a comment and complete this sentence... (please everyone answer-i wanna here them all!)

"An ice cream sundae, isn't a sundae unless it has__________"

Thanks for your help!

This sure is clever...

Love this idea!!

Get the tutorial HERE

a monster for your sleepy monster!

When your little one sleeps on the go...
I have very talented sisters-in-law (sister-in-laws? ..whatevs), and one of them told me about this pillow she made for her boy for when he falls asleep in his carseat. How cute is this??


March 16, 2010

Make the most of your nail polish application!!

Make your nail polish stay on longer with these tips and tricks!
If you're like me, one of your biggest pet-peeves is when you paint your nails and the next day they begin chipping!! Here are some things I have learned from experience over the years as a licensed nail technician that will keep your polish looking better and lasting longer!
Before Polish Application:
1. Groom, Clip, File nails even and smooth
2. Get rid of all hangnails
3. Push cuticles back
4. Buff or gently file the top of nail
5. Clean nails with acetone or nail polish on cotton. This helps to dry out the nail of any excess oils that will prevent the polish from adhering at best.
Nail Polish Application:
Before I start, long-lasting polish isn't only in the technique - it's also in the quality of product you are using. Make sure the polish is a good brand!!
For base and top coats, my favorite has always been Creative brand.
I like a few different color brands, but OPI is my favorite!
1. Always use base coat. Using a base coat will (a) help polish go on smoother (b) help polish to last longer (c) prevent nail from yellowing from polish
2. Apply one thin layer of colored polish over base coat
3. Apply second thin layer of color (two layers of color total - always)
4. I always have an orange wood stick or tooth pick handy to clean out the cuticles if I get excess color in them!
5. Apply top coat - always! Helps protect the color, adds shine! Make sure to paint to the tip of nail to seal the end!
After Nail Polish Application:
1. Take a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover or acetone (I don't own remover, I always use acetone, it works soooo much better!) and clean off excess polish on skin around nail.
2. Let nails dry
Have you seen the Pam trick?  Spraying Pam on your nails seriously helps them dry!
3. Put cuticle oil (or olive oil, yes-it works) around the nail and into cuticles. Oil not only helps with dryness around the nail, but also helps nail polish to dry faster!
You can extend your color if you use cuticle oil often throughout the week, especially in the cold weather.  Cold weather causes nails to dry and causes the polish on the nails to be dry too, and this will cause chipping.
If you follow these tips I am sure you will see a difference in how long your polish lasts. Just in time for Spring!
If any of you have any more tips you would like to add, leave me a comment and share your ideas!! 

And I more recently discovered a favorite polish that is long lasting HERE.

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