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Shirt Cuff Bracelet – TUTORIAL

If you clean out your closet soon, preparing for fall clothes, don’t give away those old blouses and button-up shirts!! Recycle them into cuff bracelets!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Blouse/Button-up Shirt

(if you don’t have one you want to cut up, the DI or thrift stores have really funky ones!)

  • Liquid Stitch/Sewing Machine
  • Embellishments

Cut the cuff off from the sleeve. Be careful NOT to cut open the seam! Sometimes blouses will be gathered where the sleeve is sewn to the cuff, in this case, if you leave about 1/4-1/2 in. between where you cut and the seam you will get a really cute natural ruffle!
Next, measure the bracelet on your wrist and make sure it fits you the way you like. If it is too loose, you can always move the button and re-sew it on where its tighter! Also, if you don’t like the button, or want to dress it up more, put on a different one!

Find some fun embellishments. I love all the fun trim you can find at JoAnn’s BY THE YARD. Also, you can use ribbons, bows, buttons, flowers…the list goes on and on!
Sew or glue your embellishments on
As you can see, I switched buttons. I thought the pearl button was lots cuter!
And Wahllaaah! You’re done! Wasn’t that easy? And cheap?

Now, how fun would it be to find one of your grandmother’s/mother’s old blouses and make it into a cuff bracelet? And then you can take her old jewelry/broaches and embellish it! It would be such a fun timepiece that you could wear forever!

Here are some other pics.
This is what I meant by the ruffle at the bottom:
If you leave room between the sleeve and the cuff, this naturally happened:

Here is my TV segment talking about these:

Have fun!!!!!!!


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