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May 6, 2010

What a fun gift idea!! & Boutique reminder!

A sweet and very beautiful girl named Jennie sent me this tutorial she did for a
Teacher Appreciation Gift. I think this is such a fun and cute idea!Maybe if there are no teachers in your life, you could make this for a Mother!
Here is her tutorial:

While shopping at Michael's this weekend my mother dearest and I came up with a wonderful idea for a gift for our co-workers. This was so cheap because we had almost everything on hand! And what is so awesome is this could be used for SO many things! Not just teacher appreciation week!

All you need is:

hot glue gun
scrapbook paper
paper flowers
gemmies [jewels]
post-it notes
clear plastic picture frame

Take your handy dandy picture frame and take out the insert

Use the insert as your guide to cut your scrapbook paper. [I got 6 out of my paper]
Then slide in the paper like so

Flip the frame so that it is leaning like a long division sign [can you tell we are teaching division right now? hahah!]
Take your glue gun and glue on that post-it note stack


Glue one the flowers

You can tell I tried to choose what would match my post-its:]

Add your gemmies


Add a sweet note to the top post-it

And pass them out!
Thanks Jennie for sharing your creative idea!
If any of you have a fun idea you would like to share, you can always e-mail it to us:

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Amy said...

These are cute! I made one of these earlier this year for a teacher friend of mine. She doesn't have a desk at school, but I thought it would be great to keep by the phone to take messages. I attached a little pen to the back of the frame with ribbon and tied the pen to it. Thanks for sharing this cute project!!

Leslie said...

Hey girls I just wanted to let you know that I gave you the tendy blog award over at my blog.

Loose Sparrow Arts N Crafts said...

As a teacher, I can tell you that this gift would be soooooo appreciated. A ray of sunshine to look at and use every day!

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