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Planting your pots is fun to do…

fun to do…to do…to do…

It’s time to plant those pots! Jena and I just got done planting a few, and I cannot wait for them to bloom bigger and fuller!
She always has the most beautiful planters and has a recipe just for YOU!

The recipe includes:
flowers to plant, how to plant, feeding information, proper care, and tips & tricks for beautiful, full planters.

These pictures are from some of the pots that she has planted.

If you would like a PDF copy of the “Planting Pots Recipe”, e-mail Jena at:
and she’ll send it your way!


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    Oh I just love getting pots planted–looking outside and seeing colorful pots blooming everywhere! This is one of the things we have planned for today–hooray for a non-rainy day!

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