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May 4, 2010

Another Mother's Day Gift Tutorial!

Here is another DIY gift idea for Mother's Day from
Guest Blogger:

Hey Everyone I'm Ana
the chick behind
If you haven't heard of me don't be shocked.
But bare with me I'm a newby!
A little about me...
I'm a happily newlywed. 8 months now, Is that still a newlywed? It sure feels like it!
I love anything purple and green, in fact those were my wedding colors.
I love creating anything that is simply cute, for my little apartment, myself, babies (not ours yet):), you name it i love creating.
My favorite crafts are probably girly accessories, if you have stopped by my blog before you know i love headbands and jewelry. I really just love love love anything cute and feminine, especially if i can make it within my newlywed budget (which is not alot).
Enough about me let's get to this fun Necklace and Bracelet Combination Tutorial!
So for this project i took two of my favorite past posts from my blog, combined them together and made two cute projects.
First i took my Glass Bead Pendant necklace idea found here
and combined it with my Stockings and Pearls necklace idea found here
And i turned out with this final result...
I'll tell you how i made them. It's really simple.
So you'll need:
The glass beads. I used colored ones.
Scrapbook paper
mod podge
hot glue
and stockings
So first the bracelet tutorial....
First: trace and cut all your papers to fit behind each individual glass bead.
(maybe try pictures of your mother's children to personalize this gift a little more!)
Second: Mod podge the paper to the glass beads
Third: Cut a strip of an old stocking, fishnet, or anything else you think might work like tulle for example.
Fourth: Set your bead in the middle of the stockings, and apply a line of hot glue.
Fifth: Fold down each end of the stockings down on the hot glue tightly.
Sixth: Keep doing that, and tying a knot in between each bead.
Seventh: When you get to a size that fits your wrist tie a knot on each end and tie your ribbon around it.
Then Last hot glue each end knot together. The stockings are stretchy so you can just stretch it to put it on.
And there you have the bracelet!
Simple enough right?!
And now the necklace. Very simple also.
I again just hot glued the stockings to the back of the bead,
then hot glued the ribbon also to the back of the bead,
and added a bow to finish it up.
That was all.
Click on the picture to enlarge it!
What do you think?
It's colorful and fun, that's what i need in my closet preparing for summer.
Have a good one everyone!
I'll be looking forward to seeing you around Get Craftin :)

Ana Paula from {GET CRAFTIN'}

1 comment:

L ~DIY Diva~ said...

Go Ana! glad to see you guest blogging. always have loved Get Craftin and Sweet Charli!

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