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Monster Tutorial + Linky Party!!

A Quiet Monster to Tame Your Little Monster!
This is how I keep my cute, little monster quiet (yes, it’s possible) during church:
Yes, it’s an empty wipee case! And I have to credit Charli for the idea, as she was playing with an empty one a few days ago, putting things in and out of the hole. It looked like a monster to me, using my imagination! I have always thought that these great cases were too good not to re-use! So…here we go: re-use, and recycle!

Empty Wipe Case
Furry/soft material (like 1/16th of a yd, but get 1/8th to be safe)
Hot glue
Googley eyes
Paper towel & Pen
Paint if you want

Start out by cutting your fabric about 1 inch taller than the height around the case. Then put hot glue around the top, and stick fabric on.
Once the fabric is glued all around the top, put glue around the bottom and fold under the case like so:
Then, cut your felt to fit the bottom, and glue over top the material.
Take your paper towel, and place it on the top of the wipee case, so that you can trace it where you feel the indents.
Then cut out and pin to your fabric. Then cut.
Hot glue to your case. Oh yeah, I burned the edges of the material to keep it from shedding!
Open your case, and place googley eyes on the lid part. I backed mine with black ribbon.
If you’re using a Huggies case, you could keep the opening exactly how you see it above. I have found however, that the rubber on it makes it hard for kids to get their hands out. So I came up with this alternative:
Cut two sets of teeth out of your felt like you see here:
Glue one set on the inside of the lid, and the other set on the outside of the lid.
I made mine a girl monster!!
And for now, it eats little animal finger puppets!
Charli loves pulling these out and putting them back in. And she loves playing peek-a-boo with it by pushing the button. You could put anything in these boxes, children just loved to be surprised with what they pull out! Cookies (the cookie monster), treats, balls, make it a “piggy monster bank”…endless possibilities!
It’s sure to keep your monster quiet for atleast a few minutes! ๐Ÿ™‚



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    This is precious! I love this idea. Anything that can be made from something others see as trash is a keeper for me. Excited about our party…

  2. says

    Thank you! That was such a fun idea! My 4 year old loved helping me make our Monster while “my Monster” was napping! Can’t wait till he wakes up to play with it!!


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