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March 15, 2010

THE TUTORIAL: Fluffy Spring Flower Balls

Okay, so some of you asked for the tutorial on these fun flower balls. Sorry it's taken me so long to give it to you. Since I didn't take any pictures while making these, I will just have to explain to you how it's done! So here you go!

What you'll need: Styrofoam ball (you choose the size)
Tissue paper
Hot glue
Flowers (any kind. I did daisies and another flower I can't remember!)
...just make sure the flowers are fairly big, otherwise, it might take you a lot of flowers!

First: Cover your ball with a sheet of tissue paper to match your flowers. This will help cover the green or white ball if any of it shows through the flowers

Second: Take your store bought flowers, and take all the flowers off of the stem. I think for the big flower ball I used about 30 flowers, and for the smaller one, I used like 24-ish! It depends on how big your flowers are.

Third: Start hot gluing your flowers into the ball by putting glue on the stub of the flower and pressing into the ball.
Fourth: Once your ball is completely covered in flowers, you're done! You can decide on what to do with it next! Whether you want to hang it with some ribbon, put it on a candlestick, or whatever else you can come up with! Your house will surely look springy with these around!



JannaScraps said...

I love these!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Ticey said...

Kami: I think these are super cute and want to make some. I am wondering where you got your flowers? They can be so expensive sometimes and just want to know if you got a deal on yours. Thanks!

Gay Vaughan said...

Beautiful! Would love to have you link up to my party tomorrow...actually, I think it might post later this evening. Great job!

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