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February 4, 2010

Guess What?

My Sweet Charli baby is 10 months old today! Where does time go? To celebrate, we decided we would show you a few fun things that you can make on your own! Starting Monday, we will give some tutorials of some of the fun things we make! So get your 'crafty hat' on girls, and
check it out!
Also, I am already thinking of Charli's 1st birthday party, and plans are in the works. I will show you bits and pieces of the things I am preparing for her party from now until it's here!! And then you will be able to see the final result. (I am quite excited, can you tell?)

With that, everyone has loved the trend of our fashion clips! We are seeing them everywhere! On shirts, in hair, on shoes, hats, scarves, purses...such a fun trend! I am sure all of you are excited for new spring fashions, won't these be the perfect 'added' accessory for spring? We think so! That's why our first tutorial will be how to make these fun flowers, so you can make your own for spring!! We'll see you on Monday!!

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