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February 21, 2010

Chocolate Oreo Brownies

{ Can you say,
"death by chocolate"? }
When I took bite three of this yummy concoction, I was going to die. This is a VERY rich recipe, but oh, so yummm!
So, my hubby and I got invited to dinner by one of his cousins the other night. We asked what we could bring, and they said DESSERT.
I had the whole day to plan for this, however, with my procrastination, and fear of the grocery store (Wal-mart, mostly. Especially when I just have to get like, one item), it was afternoon before I decided to make anything.
With my mom's idea, and the ingredients I happened to have around my kitchen, I made this beautiful, delightful, dessert. (no picture, sorry, we ate it before we knew how good it would be!)
Chocolate Oreo Brownies
1 Brownie Mix (I used Pillsbury)
Crushed Oreos (I used one sleeve of a whole package)
Cream Cheese Frosting (I made my own from powdered sugar and cream cheese)
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
Make brownies and bake. Take out when done, and with the end of a wooded spoon, poke holes in the brownies. Poke about two holes per piece. Squeeze Hershey's Syrup in each of the holes. You don't have to put a lot into them because the brownies will soak them up anyways. I also poured syrup around the edge of the brownies and it melted into the sides. Next, put a fine layer of cream cheese frosting on the top of brownies. You can put as much on as you want, I guess. But I just put enough on to glaze the top. The brownies should still be warm enough to melt some of the frosting. Then, sprinkle crushed oreos on top of dessert. YUMMM! Serve with vanilla ice cream, and ENJOY! This tastes very yummy when its warm, but also tastes great when refridgerated!
As always, if you decide to make this, e-mail or leave a comment telling us how you liked this!!
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1 comment:

Lauren said...

I've been wanting this recipe forever!!! thank you! he he

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