7 Reasons Why You Should Try SEINT’s 3D Foundation

I was a liquid foundation fan.  I needed the full-coverage, I was using a color that I thought looked good and that’s pretty much the only thing I had ever used…until I tried SEINT’s 3D Foundation (formerly Maskcara Beauty).  My world changed and my eyes were opened to the things it offered me that liquid […]

Becoming an Artist for Maskcara SEINT – FAQ

Maybe you have heard how awesome becoming an artist for SEINT Beauty (formerly know as Maskcara) is but in the back of your mind you’re a little skeptical.  There has been so much hype about the company and you’d like to know more about it and you have questions.  I am an independent artist for […]

9 Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

How are you supposed to apply makeup to mature skin? Which products are best to use on mature skin? Here are 9 tips for achieving the best makeup look for older skin.

Become a SEINT Beauty Artist on 1/15/2021

You all know that I am an Independent Beauty artist for the makeup that I love and wear, SEINT Beauty (formerly know as Maskcara Beauty.) I became an artist four years ago and haven’t looked back! The 4th birthday party of the artist program is approaching and to celebrate, those who sign up to become […]

Tips on How to Fight Maskne (mask acne)

Maskne. It’s a real thing. Breakouts around your mouth and chin area from wearing your mask, due to Covid-19, can leave us all feeling frustrated and trapped. Here are some tips on how to fight maskne (mask acne). Tips on How to Fight Maskne (mask acne) Find the right fit – Loose fitting masks will […]

How to Earn Free Maskcara Products

When you love a product so much that you are buying it consistently, it only makes sense that you should get rewarded by earning free Maskcara products! That is what the Maskcara rewards link does. Here is what I can tell you about How to Earn Free Maskcara Products… How to Earn Free Maskcara Products […]

Our Disney Corona-cation!

Can’t make it to Disney during the pandemic? Take a Disney Corona-cation at home!

The sun bag and the essentials you need to have in it.

You know those items you always take with you in the summer to the pool, the park, the amusement park? Are you scrambling to gather them altogether before you leave the house? Do you keep them in a special place or bag? Let me tell you about the sun bag and all the essentials you […]

Summer Ta-Da List

The very first time I tried making a ‘summer bucket list’ with my kids, it turned into a disappointment. “Mom, we still need to go here”, or “Mom, we didn’t get to do this”. It was frustrating to me to hear all of the ungratefulness at the end of the summer and stressed me out […]

The SPF spray everyone needs this summer

I have raved and raved about this setting spray from Maskcara Beauty. It goes everywhere with me. I have a bottle at home, a bottle in my car, and a bottle in my pool bag. It’s the SPF spray that everyone needs this summer, and here is why. This SPF spray is actually a makeup […]

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